Exclusive Egg 14 Value

NameNightmare Egg
Value19,500,000,000 (19.5 Billion)
Update Released InDog World Update

About Exclusive Egg 14

Exclusive Egg 14 is also known as Nightmare Egg in Pet Simulator X. The egg was released recently in the update of Dog World.

How to obtain Exclusive Egg

14 in Pet Simulator X

User can get Nightmare Egg in Pet Simulator X from official store for 400 Robux and if the player buys Exclusive Egg 14 in quantity of 10, he/she will get a discount of about 20% price will be 3200 Robux.

Exclusive Egg 14 Value

Currently the value of Exclusive Egg 14 is about 19,500,000,000 (19.5 Billion) diamonds.

Pets Hatched from Exclusive Egg 14

Here is the list of the pets that can be obtained by hatching Exclusive Egg 14: