Fiesta Egg Value

NameFiesta Egg
Update Released InQuest Update

About Fiesta Egg

Fiesta Egg has two variants Normal and golden in Pet Simulator X. The egg is no longer available in the game.

How to obtain Fiesta Egg in Pet Simulator X

User can get Fiesta Egg in Pet Simulator X by completing the Fiesta Maze event.

Fiesta Egg Value

Currently the Normal Version value of Fiesta Egg is about 20,000 diamonds and Gold version values 180,000 diamonds.

Pets Hatched from Fiesta Egg

Here is the list of the pets that can be obtained by hatching Fiesta Egg:

  • Pinata Monkey
  • Sombrero Corgi
  • Sombrero Axolotl
  • Huge Sombrero Chihuahua