Fine Lines Matter: Exploring the Importance of Quality in Brake Line Tubing

Brakes are important for cars. Proper brake line tubing is, therefore, the most important factor to consider when it comes to repairing cars or upgrading them from time to time.

For brake lines, there are three options available – rubber brake lines, copper-nickel brake lines, and steel brake lines. Among the three, one must choose copper-nickel on three grounds –

  • Easy to fit and maintain
  • Assurance of safety and longevity
  • Cost-effectiveness

Fitting the brake lines

Brake line sizes do not affect the hydraulic pressure. When fitting the copper nickel brake line for the vehicles, it will be ideal to find inverted flare fittings, as they can perfectly hold the brake lines through the hardest bumps. Inverted flare fittings are the most ideal ones for perfect brake line fittings.

Here is a common misconception that should be busted. Many believe that stainless brake lines cannot be double flared. You can certainly use double flares for stainless brake lines. However, while considering the quality factor for the brake line, you need to consider copper nickel brake line, as stainless steel will crack when a double flare is attempted.

Required factors for the right brake line tubing

Using brake line fitting adaptors in a wide range of applications will be very useful. When you are considering an upgrade for your brake line tubing, you need to set up a few more factors carefully –

Flex lines – At the time of measuring flex lines, it is critical that suspension travel through and wheel movements are taken into consideration. The front wheels should be able to turn lock-to-lock and both axles must be able to go through full suspension compression and rebound. During this time, it should not put stress on the hoses. In this regard, considering proper brake line fixation with a 3/16 brake line will be much more effective.

Using Teflon tapes – Teflon-based sealing compound is often used on pipe threads to prevent leaking and tighten fittings. It would also be easier to disassemble the fittings.

Metering valves – The hold-off valves prevent front disc brakes from applying until the pressure at the rear drums rises enough to overcome the brake’s show-springs. For perfecting this, the fitting of the brake line tubing should be perfect.

In this regard, it is also important to have the brake line clips in the proper place for acting properly.

Brake line flare fitting

Brake line fitting with 45-degree flare – Among the multiple flares for brake lines, the 45-degree inverted brake line flare leaves a greater impact on its fitting.

It would always be ideal to fix the brake line with proper brake line clips. These clips help to attach the line firmly with the brake formation.

Inverted flare fittings for brake line tubing

When you are fixing a double flare for a secure brake line fitting, you need to consider inverted flare fittings with 45-degree inverted flaring. This flare fitting with 3/16 brake line fitting in vehicles would be more useful for an effective brake line setup.

One can use a double flare brake line for a strong brake system. The double flare is applied after making a bubble flare. So, at the time of customization, you need to ensure what sort of flare fits the brake line you want for your car.

Fuel line fitting

When you are considering a replacement or upgrade to your brake line and fuel line tubing, you can consider copper nickel tubing for both the brake and fuel line.

You can certainly use steel instead of copper, but while trying to fix the steel brake line into inverted lines, the steel can crack. So, using copper fuel line and brake line for perfect tubing would be much more effective in terms of saving money and your efforts as well. However, you can consider PVF-coated steel lines for transmission lines to ensure their longevity.

When you are considering the question of quality, you need to stick to the longevity questions. The materials that support your vehicle for a longer period should be used as replacements. That is why most of the repairing opportunities see copper line brake and fuel line fixation as a proper replacement or upgrading opportunity for a vehicle.

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