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Foam Packaging: Elevating Protection with Nomafoam


In the intricate landscape of product transportation, the significance of reliable protective packaging cannot be overstated. Among the array of foam packaging solutions, polyethylene foam stands out, and within this realm, Nomafoam emerges as a resilient and versatile option. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the characteristics of Nomafoam, its applications, and how it seamlessly integrates into the holistic services provided by Advanced Protective Packaging.

Nomafoam: Resilient Polyethylene Cushioning

Nomafoam takes the spotlight as a resilient polyethylene cushioning foam boasting a diverse range of densities and shapes to cater to various requirements. Its unique extrusion process ensures little waste during manufacturing, making it an economically efficient protective packaging solution. This foam is designed to directly assume shape during the manufacturing process, minimizing environmental impact and enhancing cost-effectiveness.

NMC Partnership and Product Range

Nomafoam and Nomapack, part of the Nomafoam product line, comprise a range of standard polyethylene foam profiles often referred to as “blue foam.” These profiles are crafted using an extrusion process by the Belgian company, NMC. Notably, these products are exclusively distributed through approved channels, ensuring quality control and reliability.

Advanced Protective Packaging stands out as a specialized distributor and converter of Nomafoam products. Their unique equipment allows them to tailor standard profiles to meet specific customer needs, such as corners or intricate shapes. The flexibility in usage extends to using the profiles as manufactured or customizing them through cutting, fabrication, or shaping, showcasing the adaptability of Nomafoam in diverse packaging applications.

Bespoke Solutions and Collaboration with NMC

Advanced Protective Packaging takes pride in its ability to collaborate with NMC to design and specify bespoke extrusions, meeting the unique needs of customers. The standard blue color can be customized for large usages, allowing clients to specify their preferred colors. This adaptability reflects the commitment of Advanced Protective Packaging to provide tailored solutions that go beyond the standard offerings.

Complete Service Integration

Beyond the Nomafoam fitments, Advanced Protective Packaging provides a complete service package. This includes supplying boxes and cartons, allowing them to match carton strength to fitments, optimizing cost efficiency. The advantage of sourcing everything from one supplier simplifies the packaging design process, streamlines orders, and minimizes paperwork. This comprehensive service extends to supplying other packaging products such as tape and bubble wrap, providing clients with a one-stop-shop for their packaging needs.

Advanced Packaging Solutions: Streamlining Your Process

In the fast-paced business environment where time is money, Advanced Packaging Solutions offer a streamlined approach to specifying and ordering products. The process encompasses design, ordering, and delivery, ensuring efficiency at every stage.


The design stage involves a personalized approach. Advanced Protective Packaging’s designers may visit the client and assess their product to accurately determine packaging needs. The company typically provides free samples at this stage, ensuring that both outer and inner packages are designed as a cohesive unit, arriving together.

Direct communication with the manufacturer eliminates the risk of misunderstandings. Advanced Protective Packaging, leveraging its experience and expertise, often proposes solutions that are not only cost-effective but also lighter, stronger, or easier, presenting a holistic approach to packaging challenges.


With a single supplier, the ordering process becomes more straightforward. Placing one order, receiving one delivery, and one invoice significantly reduce time and paperwork. Organizing deliveries becomes easier, allowing clients the flexibility to adjust quantities or delivery schedules. The risk of stock discrepancies is minimized, as the direct communication with Advanced Packaging Solutions eliminates the double handling that might occur with a middleman.

Boxes and Cartons: A Full Range of Corrugated Products

Advanced Protective Packaging extends its expertise beyond foam packaging, offering a full range of corrugated products in all FEFCO styles. This includes a bespoke range of internal fitments, which can be plain or printed, providing a versatile range to suit diverse needs.

Conclusion: Nomafoam and Beyond – Your Trusted Transit Guardians

In conclusion, Nomafoam stands out as a resilient and adaptable solution within the realm of foam packaging, further enhancing the comprehensive services provided by Advanced Protective Packaging. The strategic partnership with NMC ensures access to top-tier polyethylene foam products, while the company’s commitment to bespoke solutions and streamlined services positions them as a reliable partner in safeguarding products during transit. Trust in Nomafoam and Advanced Protective Packaging as your trusted guardians in the complex world of transit protection.

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