How have laptops been changing in 2024

How have laptops been changing in 2024

In 2024, laptops are going to be a shake-up. There are going to be new changes in the form of the introduction of AI chips to an embrace of ARM. Also, there will be a boost in PC sales.

  • Efficiency to make a leap

Apple’s MacBooks are the longest-lasting laptops to buy. Regardless of the purpose of talking-and-a-half or more of real work, there isn’t a Windows laptop that can achieve the same while providing even passable performance.

  • Core Ultra laptops

Apple Silicon uses ARM technology intimately optimized via macOS to provide incredible efficiency and fast speeds. Intel had relied on older technology and brute force to improve performance. However, the efficiency of the system continued to suffer. Intel’s Meteor Lake, the company’s 14th-generation CPUs, unveiled lately, represents the most significant change to Intel’s architecture, incorporating the first 7nm process and a four-tile architecture. The latter integrates a Compute Tile with E-cores and P-cores, proving to be faster and more efficient. There’s a SOC Tile that introduces a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for power-efficient AI. Also, there’s going to be a GPU Tile with faster Intel Iris Xe LPG graphics. An IO Tile fuses Thunderbolt 4 and PCIe Gen 5.0 on the chip.

  • Windows 12 (Concept)

Though it’s just speculation at this point, reports have revealed that Windows 12 will arrive sometime in 2024. Rumors abound about what the new operating system might look like.

Windows 12 might be modular, and it has editions tailored to specific laptop form factors and specifications. Windows 12 might include enhanced AI. Though at this point, it’s not known exactly what kind of AI will emerge, there are huge possibilities of AI-enhanced copy and paste, image recognition, prompted projects, and more. Intel will introduce anticipated AI-assisted battery life improvements in Windows 12.

  • Revolutionary Battery Technology

Battery life has always been a concern, but in 2024, one can expect significant improvements in HP laptop charger original battery technology. There have been new developments, including the introduction of solid-state batteries or advanced energy management systems, resulting in longer battery life and faster charging capabilities. Also, that’s going to boost the portability and usability of laptops.         

  • Artificial Intelligence Integration

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to shape the future of laptops to a huge extent. AI-powered features, including voice assistants, smart predictive algorithms, and contextual awareness, are going to be more prevalent. Laptops will adapt to user preferences, optimize performance, and serve with personalized experiences.

  • Enhanced Security

Cyber threats continue to evolve, and in this regard, laptop manufacturers are focusing on enhancing security features. Be prepared to witness advanced biometric authentication methods, including facial recognition or fingerprint scanning, to become standard. Built-in hardware security solutions and encryption are also going to offer users peace of mind.

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences

VR and AR technologies are gaining momentum, and in this regard, laptops are expected to support immersive experiences. These devices are expected to feature more powerful graphics capabilities, enabling users to dive into virtual worlds. Also, users will love participating in AR-enhanced productivity tasks or enjoy immersive gaming experiences.


The future of laptops has been proving to be incredibly promising, and humans are only going to get laptops with more powerful processors, advanced display technologies, and improved connectivity options. There will be plenty of improvements in the form of enhanced security features, Artificial intelligence integration, and virtual reality experiences to enhance productivity and entertainment. To gain more knowledge about virtual reality technology, click here!

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