Outsourcing CTO Roles: How It Can Benefit Your Company

No matter how experienced its founders are, any business can experience its ups and downs. This statement especially applies to digital solutions, which quite often do not keep up with trends, audience sentiment, and competitors. In turn, to strengthen the chosen business strategy, it is important to have a technically savvy expert at the head of the team who could transform the global goals of the project into the right technologies, software tools, and its architecture. But there may be challenges here, too. Below, we will tell you what these challenges are and how you can overcome them.

Solving Existing Problems May Lead to the Emergence of New Ones

Generally speaking, you just need to hire someone with CTO skills. What tasks this person will perform depends on your specific requirements: this could be selecting a technical stack, planning the architecture, motivating and improving the skills of the team, aligning business requirements with the technical features of the project, and much more. Ultimately, it is you who determine what responsibilities this specialist will take on.

At the same time, hiring an expert of this level is a challenging and resource-intensive task. Given their extensive expertise, such specialists are usually already involved in other projects, and those who are temporarily looking for work may either have a too high rating (which is reasonably expected) or have no experience in your business niche. If we add to this the hassle associated with official employment (and, as a consequence, the potential termination of the employment contract at the end of the project), it becomes clear that this model of cooperation is by no means ideal.

How to Overcome All Obstacles with Just One Action?

In short, you should consider the virtual CTO services model. In this case, the hired CTO as a Service will interact with you and your team on an approved schedule – hourly, on certain days of the week/month, or upon request. Also, with CTO as Service, you definitely won’t spend too much time filling an empty vacancy – usually, outsourcing companies approve specialists within a few days or, at most, a week.

And finally, since CTO service does not require signing an employment contract with a specialist (instead, you sign an NDA), you can save yourself from unnecessary bureaucratic fuss and not worry about what to do with a new employee after work on the project is completed. The last key advantage of cooperation in this format is access to an expanded talent pool, not limited only to your region. This means that you can definitely find an expert here with the exact set of CTO skills that you need.

Final Thoughts

We hope that now, you know the answer to the question: “What is CTO in business?”, and how, by hiring a virtual expert with the CTO qualifications you need, you can cope with all the problems overnight. In turn, if you are just looking for such a specialist, you can contact us, having first compiled a detailed list of CTO requirements that are needed for your project

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