A Simple Guide to Putting Links in Your Instagram Stories!

Hey there, friend! So, you’ve been scrolling through Instagram, and you spot that “Swipe Up” thing in someone’s story. And maybe you’re wondering, “Hey, how did they do that?”. You’re in luck! Cause I’m gonna spill the beans and tell you how to put links in your own stories. So, sit tight, maybe grab a snack, and let’s chat!

But hold on just a sec! Before we dive in, here’s something super cool you might wanna check out. If you’ve ever been curious about what other folks are doing on Instagram, there’s this neat little tool. Use Instagram Story Viewer by Inflact, trust me, it’s pretty awesome. It’s free, yep you heard that right, free! No apps to download, and guess what? Nobody will even know you’re looking. Kinda like being a secret agent, but for Instagram. 😉

Step by Step: How to Pop Links into Your Stories

  1. Do You Have That Magic ‘Swipe Up’?: First thing you need to know? That “Swipe Up” magic? It’s not for everyone. You need to have 10,000 followers or a verified badge. Sounds a bit unfair, right? But, if you’ve got that, awesome! If not, no worries. I’ve got a workaround for you.
  2. Making That Perfect Story: Okay, this part’s easy peasy. Take a pic or video, or pick something from your phone. It’s your story, your rules. Make it shine!
  3. Spotting the Chain Link Thingy: Once you’ve got your story, look at the top. You’ll see some icons. One of them kinda looks like a chain. Yep, that’s the one! Tap on it.
  4. Popping in Your Link: You’ll see this box pop up. That’s where you type or paste in your link. Make sure it’s the right one, you don’t wanna send folks to the wrong place!
  5. Share Away!: All done? Cool! Hit “Done” or that little “✔️” thing and let your story fly.

Missing the ‘Swipe Up’? Here’s a Trick!: Not at the 10k mark yet? It’s all good. You can still share links. You’ve probably heard of the “Link in Bio” trick. Yep, just pop the link in your profile, and in your story, tell folks to “Check the link in my bio!”

Why Even Bother with Links?

Now, you might be thinking, why all this fuss about links? Well, here’s the thing:

  • Show What You Got: Got something new and cool? Maybe a product, or a song, or a blog? Share it with the world!
  • Sharing Stuff: Came across an epic recipe or a DIY trick? Let folks in on it!
  • More Than Just Pics: Polls, feedback or just some fun quizzes? Links make it all happen.
  • Earn a Bit on the Side: Yup, promote stuff for others, and you might earn a little something.

And hey, if you ever run out of ideas, or just wanna see what the world’s up to, check out Ig story viewer by IGSV. It’s a neat place to see what others are sharing. And who knows? Maybe it’ll spark an idea or two!

Got Questions? I Got Answers! (Well, Some)

  1. What if folks don’t “swipe up”?
  2. It happens. Sometimes folks need a little push. Maybe add some text? Like “Swipe Up, Please!” or something.
  3. Can I see who clicked my stuff?
  4. Yeah, you can. Instagram tells ya who saw your story and who clicked your link. It’s like magic.
  5. Too many links? Is that a thing?
  6. Hmm. You can share lots, but don’t go too crazy. Nobody likes it when things get too spammy.

Wrapping it Up (Not Like a Present, Though)

So, my Insta-buddy, that’s about it. Sharing links on stories is pretty cool, huh? And not as tricky as it seems. It’s a fab way to share stuff, chat with folks, or even make a little extra on the side. So go on, give it a go. And most of all, have fun. That’s what Instagram’s all about. Until next time, keep ‘gramming and smiling. 😊.

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