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Our platform, Pak Sim Data, provides a comprehensive online repository containing information about SIM cards used by telecom users across Pakistan. This database contains extensive sim owner details associated with SIM cardholders from various mobile network operators. Its primary aim is to support the oversight and management of SIM card activities, overseen by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the government regulatory body.

The stored SIM details include crucial information such as the SIM owner’s name, address, CNIC card number, mobile number, SIM serial number, and other relevant data. This centralized system for recording SIM owner details plays a pivotal role in enabling effective state regulation and supervision of activities related to SIM card usage.

SIM Database online

The online SIM database plays a pivotal role in combating crimes and fraudulent activities associated with SIM card usage. It serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to obtain information about SIM cards, aiding in the identification of unknown callers. Moreover, law enforcement agencies heavily rely on this online SIM database to track criminals and monitor suspects, thereby enhancing their investigative capabilities. Pak Sim Data offers an essential and widely utilized online SIM database tool.

Upon purchasing a SIM card, individuals are required to undergo verification procedures mandated by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). This process involves the registration of SIM details in the PTA system, aimed at safeguarding the rights of mobile users and preventing potential abuses and fraudulent activities. Maintaining a comprehensive record of all SIM users within the country is crucial for upholding peace and ensuring security.

The SIM card operates as a compact data storage unit, housing vital information about its owner for integration into a mobile device, enabling its functionality. This small yet pivotal card acts as the bridge connecting individuals to wireless networks, enabling communication and a wide array of technological features. Typically, it contains crucial details such as the SIM owner’s name, contact information, and associated data destined for storage within the online SIM database.

Upon activation, mobile network companies store these SIM details within their system databases, allowing for their retrieval and utilization for various purposes. Additionally, supplementary information, such as activation and expiration dates, may also be included among the stored data related to the SIM card.

Significant Features of Pak sim data

Our online portal system provides immediate and free access to SIM details within seconds for any registered ownership. Our suite of information tools is easily accessible to all Pakistani citizens, ensuring convenience and usability. With the escalating use of mobile phones, preserving the authenticity of phone numbers becomes increasingly crucial for safety and security measures.

Pak Sim Data offers a diverse range of convenient information tools accessible to all residents of Pakistan. These services encompass an online SIM database online, SIM ownership details, CNIC system information, and Live tracker tools, presenting a comprehensive solution in a centralized location. It’s important to note that information retrieval is limited to PTA-registered SIM cards. Furthermore, our user-friendly interface is designed to enable individuals, regardless of their familiarity, to navigate our search engine without requiring guidance.

Procedure to check Sim Details

Certainly, here’s set of instructions for accessing SIM details through the Pak Sim Data website:

  • Open any web browser and enter the official website URL for Pak Sim Data.
  • Navigate to the homepage and locate the SIM Details option.
  • Enter the required mobile number or CNIC number in the provided space.
  • Click on the Submit button to proceed.
  • Our tool will then collect the requested information from the system database.
  • Wait for a moment while the system processes the request, and the results will be displayed on your device screen.

This streamlined process simplifies the steps for users to access SIM details through the Pak Sim Data website.


Our online platform presents a convenient tool expressly crafted to assist users in accessing SIM details for mobile numbers throughout Pakistan. This tool is freely accessible and features a user-friendly interface for ease of navigation. Citizens can utilize this resource to search for specific SIM owner details, specifically for SIMs registered by PTA and currently active. Our online SIM database is a dependable and routinely updated source, ensuring the provision of accurate SIM information and delivering a seamless user experience.

We strongly advocate responsible and lawful usage of this tool in good faith. Any engagement in illegal or unauthorized activities is strictly prohibited. Our privacy policy adheres rigorously to stringent guidelines, prioritizing the protection of user information and privacy. Furthermore, our platform offers a diverse array of information tools. Should one tool not yield the desired information, users have alternative options available to obtain the necessary results.

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