Tech and Game Mechanics of Palworld

Palworld is a new viral game available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows. Developed by Pocket Pair, this game has received both praise and criticism from people all over the world.

Let’s start with the critics. This game that is built using Unreal Engine 5 was heavily criticized for its resemblance to Pokemon games. It has cute monsters that can be tamed throughout the Palworld and a big world to explore.

The game mechanics also revolve around Pals (monsters that can be tamed) in order to gain levels. People who dislike the game’s mechanics have even reported it to Nintendo for violating their concept. However, as of today, no lawsuit has been filed against Pocket Pair.

As more people give a try on this game, the critics and memes start to fade away. People who buy Palworld accounts for quick access to higher levels or start from scratch the game they bought from Steam for US$29.99, start to notice that the developer has made this game very different from Pokemon.

First of all, the praise is due to the fact that Pokemon games don’t introduce any new gameplay mechanics. It brings boring but classic gameplay throughout the franchise. Palworld, on the other hand, introduces numbers of new features, including crafting, hunting, and real-world fighting.

It’s a survival game

The significant difference between Pokemon and Palworld is the main purpose of the game. While Pokemon has a main goal to defeat gym leaders, defeat high-level pokemon, and complete the pokedex, Parlworld is purely a survival game.

As a player, you find yourself in a harsh environment and need to survive with Pals. Pals can help you survive the world in many ways. For example, Foxparks can help you start a fire which is a key for survival. You can also farm Chikipi as your food source.

You might feel bad as you have to eat cute Chikipi cooked with fire from Foxparks. However, it is what you need to survive. You might also feel bad about forcing your Pals to build a comfortable place to live in Palworld. Fortunately, there is no law that restricts what you can do to your Pals. As a result, you are free to make them do chores, labor, or even fight alongside you.

Multiplayer gameplay

Palworld gives you the freedom to explore the harsh environment on your own. However, when things get rough, you can seek assistance from other players online. They will enter your world and play in co-op mode using an invite code. However, this method only allows up to 4 players to be in the same world at once.

If you want to create your own server, Palworld offers a dedicated server that can support 32 players at once. There is no story mode on a dedicated server though. What you can do, however, is form a guild with specific members to explore, hunt, and fight various monsters in the game. You can also build bases for something fun like poaching other players’ Pals.

To play the multiplayer game, you need to have an active Steam account and have purchased the game from it. You can also buy Palworld accounts if you don’t have one for quicker access to the game. This applies even if you want to host Palworld on your server.

Under Development

People often think that games published on Steam and consoles are already the complete version. However, Palworld is still in early access. This means that the promised features are still in development and are not yet ready for public release. The first feature is called PVP (player versus player), which involves direct competition between players. However, it is still unclear whether the gameplay will be real-time or asynchronous PVP.

In addition to PVP, there is also a plan to implement a cross play, which allows players to play on any device without losing their progress. This is especially important given the bugs that haunt players in any early-access game. At this moment, players who create their own server are at risk of losing their progress even within the same platform (PC) after logging off the game.

The game mechanics of Palworld are definitely different from Pokemon games. It offers a more creative and even competitive experience in the vastly customizable world, especially when it comes to dedicated servers. Though many people believe this game is a rip-off of Pokemon, it has its own style that combines elements from various games that people enjoy.

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