What Is Going To Be The New Trend To Throw A Birthday Party In 2024?

Birthday is an extraordinary and special day for all of us as we were born on this day only, and we with our friends, families, and relatives, want to celebrate 1 year anniversary of our birth. Our trend of celebrating a birthday is to plan all the activities of that day, such as whom to invite to the party, order cake online in Hyderabad, nearby places according to the preference of the birthday person, and many more.

So, if you are planning to organize a birthday party, then you must do some planning first to give a perfect surprise. In this regard, we have provided a guide to prepare what special dishes are to be prepared on that day according to your choice and interest, all the decorations of the entire home or banquet hall wherever you want to celebrate, new and special dresses that you have to wear, special gifts to be bought for the birthday boy/girl. 

1] Selecting A Style For Decorating A Banquet Hall Instead Of Celebrating In-Home

First, you should select the theme, style, or design to decorate your entire room or book any banquet hall according to your budget and choice, then allow the decorators to decorate the hall by applying special designs, colors, balloons, patterns, and a beautiful, well-decorated stage according to the birthday girl/boy for the party.

2] Book An Event Manager Or Birthday Party Organiser Team 

If you want to make your loved one’s birthday memorable through fantastic arrangements, then you should book an event manager or planner who will manage or organize your party according to your wishes and requirements. Since they are experienced in this field they will organize the party in very little time and according to your requirements.

3] Create A Guest List 

Now, create a guest list of whom to invite to attend the birthday party so that it’s easier for you to decide on the menus, tables, chairs, and many more arrangements for the guests, etc., so that none of the guests will face any sort of problem and you will also be able to manage everything properly.

4] Arrangement For The Best Dishes For The Birthday Party

Order some of the best dishes for the birthday party, such as sweets, fried foods, chocolates, Chinese food items, traditional foods such as biryani and pulao, snacks, cold drinks, ice creams, etc., and order delicious cakes with the name written of the birthday boy/girl on the cake. You can also add new dishes to your birthday party such as gol gappe, some dairy products according to your wish and also some south Indian dishes like idli, dhosa etc.

5] Send Invitations To The Guest List Via WhatsApp Or Mail

When all the arrangements are over, send invitations to all the guests, relatives and friends according to the list and tell them to arrive on time or before time to attend all the functions, such as dancing, singing, and poetry, and to enjoy each and every moment.

At last, when the birthday party is over, all the guests are gone; now it’s time to open all the gifts happily with family. We are all very excited to celebrate our birthdays as we get many exciting gifts from our loved ones, family, and friends.

6] Book For Camera Recording Person

If you want to make your birthday party memorable and remarkable so that you can watch the party organized again or can show it to some of your relatives and friends in the future, you can easily watch that by recording your party by booking a camera recording person who will record each and every moment of the party.  

7] Hand Out Some Return Gifts To The Attendees

Your relatives, family, and friends will give special gifts to the birthday boy/girl, and at the end of the party, when they all start going back to their homes, you will have to give them the return gifts so that they feel happy & joy from inside.

8] Use Of Smash Birthday Cakes

Smash cakes are cakes that are used just for fun, to be applied on the faces of the attendees. These are not to be eaten and mostly used to smash on the face.  While smashing the cake on the birthday boy/girl, you must maintain some precautions as it should not affect sensitive organs, like the nose, ears, and eyes. In addition to that, you can also order a designer cake as per the preference and taste of the birthday person.

9] Celebration At The Favourite Vacation Spot Of The Birthday Person

Booking any favorite spot as per the choice of the birthday person. Ask the birthday person where he/she wants to celebrate his/her birthday according to his/her wish, whether that place would be any banquet hall, any open area, a mountain, any farmhouse, or any picnic spot so that their birthday will be a memory of all the, etc.


Follow all the birthday party steps to celebrate a well-maintained party. Start shopping at least 1 week ago so that you will not miss anything, special gifts and all. Book a hotel or decorate your entire room, and create a guest list of whom you want to invite to the birthday party. As the date comes closer, give orders for snacks, cold drinks, and other foods too. Now on the birthday do all the seating arrangements, decorate the stage for cake cutting and some special functions. All the arrangements should be made properly so that all of the guests will be fine with the things. 

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