How To Choose The Best Cannabis Seeds

How To Choose The Best Cannabis Seeds For Your Needs

Given the recent popularity and surge in the benefits of cannabis, the regulations surrounding herb cultivation have been changing drastically. Over the last few years, more areas have allowed people to grow their cannabis plants to enjoy the therapeutic benefits. Much like any other crop, the genetics of cannabis seeds play a vital role. The success of the harvest can depend significantly on the quality of the cannabis seeds you select.

Are you planning to start your cannabis farm? Do you wonder how to select the best cannabis seeds from today’s many options?

Dive right in and find the best ways to find high-grade cannabis seeds.

How can you find high-quality cannabis seeds?

Whether you are a beginner at growing cannabis or have years of experience, finding the best cannabis seeds can be a daunting task. There are a myriad of things you must consider while identifying suitable seeds for a good cannabis harvest. If you’re having trouble finding the right seeds for growing your cannabis farm, here are five ways for you:

1. Check the appearance of seeds

While you might not know, high-quality cannabis seeds have specific aesthetic qualities that often set them apart from the unhealthy ones. You can look for these traits in the appearance of the seeds to decide if they are good or not. The healthiest seeds tend to be brown, but they can range from tan to black. On the contrary, the immature seeds you must avoid will be yellow, pale green, or even white.

Some cannabis experts might even tell you that good marijuana seeds will feature stripe patterns or have dark spots. You can also see a layer of healthy sheen on the surface if you hold the seeds under light, resembling a fresh coat of wax. Avoid opting for dull seeds as they might not be viable and fail to produce a good harvest.  

2. Keep in mind the size and shape

Another effective way to differentiate high-quality seeds from the lower grade ones is by comparing their size and shape. You can place the different types of seeds side-by-side and then ascertain which ones are good and which aren’t. Larger seeds with a highly symmetrical round or even tear-drop shape will be better quality. But if the seeds are irregular and small, they are likely immature and might not give you a great harvest.

You must always opt for bigger seeds as they store more energy inside them and possess a more significant potential to mature into productive plants. They will help you enjoy both the psychoactive and therapeutic effects of the herb. Besides that, you can also check the hardness of the seeds to help identify the quality. The ideal cannabis seeds will have an uncracked, smooth, and hard outer shell, while the undesirable ones tend to have soft surfaces that crinkle, crack, and even crumble easily.  

3. Ascertain the age

While not many cannabis enthusiasts know it, the seeds’ age can significantly impact the harvest they produce. Ideally, the seeds must be harvested when the plants are fully mature. If you collect the seeds before they mature, the plant cannot load sufficient energy into them.

The seeds will have a deficit right from the beginning of the growing cycle, leading to inadequate harvest. The color of the seeds might prove to be an indicator that helps you identify if the seeds were harvested when they matured or not and determine the age of the seeds.

Like any other genetic material, good weed seeds can degrade over time. Freshly harvested seeds will always be more viable than the old ones. Even if you have to store the seeds, keep them in a cool and dark place to prevent them from rotting and mobestlding.

4. Get it from a reputed source

Choosing quality cannabis seeds can be tricky, especially if you are a beginner. But, you can reduce most of your stress by finding a reputed source. There are plenty of cannabis seed stores that boast about offering the best quality seeds. But, you must carefully consider the seed bank’s reputation, credibility, and transparency to decide whether the products are good quality. These established brands not only have expertise in breeding seeds but also have a reputation to maintain.

They strive to offer the best seeds to the growers to ensure they get good produce. The experts can also guide you on which seeds are ideal for producing the right cannabis plants for your needs and preferences. Moreover, they can also help you choose the right species, strain, and even a suitable composition of cannabinoids and terpenes. Find a renowned and reputed cannabis seed store for procuring high-quality seeds.

5. Conduct a float test

If none of the factors help you find high-quality cannabis seeds, the quickest and most effective way to check their viability is to conduct a float test. This straightforward test can be useful when choosing seeds for your cannabis farm. All you have to do is drop the seeds into a glass of distilled water and see if they sink or float.

If the seed floats on the water’s surface, it indicates that it doesn’t have enough mass. Such seeds are not ideal for producing a good harvest of cannabis. You must go for the seed with enough mass, which makes it sink to the bottom of the glass. They are naturally healthier, and you can germinate them. Make sure you conduct the float right before germinating the seeds. If you leave the seeds, the water saturation may lead to decaying and ruin them.

In the end!

Growing cannabis plants on your own can be a tricky yet enriching experience. The first step to a good harvest is investing in high-grade cannabis seeds. In case you want to grow your cannabis, make sure you invest in the right seeds. Keep the above five ways in mind while looking for cannabis seeds, and you will be able to find the most viable ones.

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