How to get rid of Mold & Mildew in your home?

Discovering the effective ways to permanently kill the Mold & Mildew in every corner of your house? Mold & Mildew can cause huge damage if not fixed at the right time. The presence of mold for a longer time creates indoor pollutants that lead to many health issues. 

Read this quick guide to learn the safety measures that prevent the growth of mold, and how to remove mold & mildew. These tips by House cleaning Auckland experts will help you get rid of mold spots from roof corners, fabrics tile grouts 

Safety Tip: Always leave the windows open or use the exhaust fan while showering in the bathroom or dishwashing in the kitchen. This smart hack helps prevent mold growth and can improve your home’s air quality.

Mildew Vs. Mold

Many of us don’t know the exact difference between mold and mildew. Right? Both mold and mildew are microscopic fungi that trigger health issues like breathlessness, or allergies. The root causes of their growth are poor ventilation and excess moisture. Now let’s understand the difference:

Mold is usually dark in color (typically red, black, or green) is comparatively more dangerous, and is hard to treat in advanced stages. So, it’s important to be removed immediately when identified. 

Whereas Mildew is white or grey spots on walls, clothes, showers, etc. It thrives in areas with excess moisture or high humidity levels such as shower corners, garages, basements, under sinks, shower curtains, linens, or behind the beds. 

How to Prevent Mold & Mildew Formation?

  • If possible, try to make your house fully ventilated. Buy a dehumidifier to control the humidity level. A small investment can give you profits in the long run.
  • Check if there are clogs in the drainage system. Keep your downspouts always clean.
  • Make sure all the bathroom fittings and exhaust fans are working properly. Get the leakages repaired if required.
  • Place air-purifying plants such as bamboo, snake plant, etc. to improve the air quality.
  • Keep your damp areas empty and clean. 
  • Immediately wipe off the floor and tiles after showering.
  • Check the grout fillings & seal the repairs if required.

Prepare a DIY Mold Cleaner

Ingredients: Vinegar, bleach, or ammonia. All these ingredients are available in most of our houses. 

Health Hazard: Never mix ammonia and bleach. Their mixture causes intoxic fumes.

  • Pour vinegar directly onto the kitchen or bathroom surfaces. Wait a while, scrub it, and wipe it with a clean cloth.
  • Mix one cup of bleach solution with about 3.5L of water. Spray it over the desired area. Rinsing is not required.
  • Take ammonia and water in equal ratios, mix them well, and spray over the mold. Let it sit for 3-4 hours, and rinse with fresh water. 

How to Remove Mold & Mildew?

Before you start treating the mold & mildew, do take some safety precautions. Wear a N-95 mask, glasses, and rubber gloves. Also open all the windows, and doors.

Step 1: Spray the mold/mildew cleaner on the affected area

Step 2: Wait for a few minutes or hours as directed by the manufacturer.

Step 3: Gently scrub the area with a non-scratch scrub sponge. Some cleaners do not require scrubbing and rinsing at all. So make sure to read the instructions.

Step 4 Use the hot water to rinse the surface

Here you go, this mold removal procedure kills about 99.9% of the bacteria. But that doesn’t guarantee the regrowth of mold or mildew. Be assured to follow the safety measures to prevent mold growth.

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