Solo Leveling Manga

Solo Leveling Manga

Solo Leveling Manga is a famous Korean webtoon series. It’s an exciting story that has attracted a large number of fans. Moreover, this story got international attention. Solo Leveling novel has been permitted in English by Yen Press. The Korean webtoon comic series was written by Chu-Gong and be sketched by Gi Si-Ryeong and Jang Su-Rak. On this page, we will explain this series’s storyline and characters. This series has 179 chapters, and every chapter has an exciting story. Also, if you want to get all chapters of solo leveling manga, visit this website, So, let’s look closer. 


It’s a fighting series with almost 179 chapters. The story of this series is fascinating. In this series, there is a world where hunters and humans live together. Ten years ago, a door opened from which monsters came out. In this story, hunters have to protect humans by killing monsters. There are two different groups of hunters. One group is weak, and the other is brave. In this story, there is a weak E-rank group. It’s one of the best stories. 

In addition, The story revolves around Jin-Woo, and suddenly, his eyes open in a hospital, where he sees himself in a mirror and gets worried. He is given a schedule that can make him a mighty hunter. Each chapter starts with an exciting description of this story, and readers thoroughly enjoy it. They are always in suspense, wondering what will happen next in the story. This element is what keeps them engaged in the story. This story has become very popular among people.

Solo Leveling Manga Characters Names:-

1- Sung Jin-woo

2- Sung Il-hwan

3- Yoo Jin-ho

4- Ashborn

5- Siddharth Bachchan

6- Sung Jin-ah

7-Woo Jin-Chul

8- Park Kyung-hye

9-Goto Ryuji

10- Lee Joo-hee

11- Christopher Reed

12- Monarchs

13- Hwang Dong-soo

14- Lennart Niermann

15- Cha Hae-in

16- Baek Yoon-ho

17- Thomas Andre

18- Go Gun-hee

19- Rulers

20- Antares

21- Choi Jong-in

22- Liu Zhigang

Final Verdict:-

This story, Solo leveling Manga, has become a top-rated series in South Korea and worldwide. It has nearly 180 chapters, which you can access on our website. This article briefly discusses the story of this series. Character growth, action, and suspense are all mixed in this novel. Furthermore, it is a fighting series and people like this and they give a positive reviews.

Moreover, we highlight the series’ quality and characters. So, if you have more questions regarding this series and want to know more about it, you can visit our website. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q 1- Who is the Powerful in Solo Leveling?

Sung Jin Woo is the most powerful in the solo levelling manhwa.

Q 2- Is the Solo Levelling manga finished?

Yes, the solo Levelling manga is finished, and you can get all chapters in our website.

Q 3- Who is Jin-Woo’s wife in Solo Leveling?

Jin-Woo’s best friend, Cha Hae-In, becomes his wife in the series and proves to be a good partner for him.

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