What Defines Family-Sized Hammock And How To Choose The Right One

What Defines Family-Sized Hammock And How To Choose The Right One

Hammocks have increasingly become popular over the years due to their calm and relaxing effects.

A study shows that the right hammock can make you sleep faster after a busy day and help alleviate common back problems. A hammock can also be a great camping accessory when backpacking, preventing direct skin contact with the ground.

If you need a hammock for your family, you need a family-sized hammock to accommodate everyone. Keep reading to learn more about family hammocks and to buy the right one for your needs.

What Is A Family-Sized Hammock?

A family-sized hammock is an extra-large hammock that can accommodate three to four adults or two adults and kids. It is designed with families in mind, allowing them to spend quality time in one hammock.

A family-sized hammock can hold 800 lbs and offers more comfort than an average mattress to match its accommodative nature. They are usually made of quality cotton or nylon and come with all essential accessories to enhance comfort.

Buying family sized hammocks that checks the boxes requires careful consideration. Ultimately, you want to maximize comfort without overspending.

How to Pick the Right Family-Sized Hammock

Here are a few things to remember when buying a hammock for your family.

1. Check the Size and Weight Specifications

Hammocks come in varying sizes to fit the unique needs of users. As such, you should understand the number of people using it to know the ideal size you will pick.

Generally, they come in three main sizes: family-sized hammocks and double and single hammocks. Family-sized hammocks are the largest and can comfortably fit three to five adults.

Double hammocks are the second largest and can accommodate up to 500 pounds. Double hammocks are designed for one person at a time and are less intense than double hammocks. Every hammock has size and weight specifications, which you should carefully consider during the purchase.

2. Consider the Material

Hammocks are made with cotton, nylon, canvas, polyester, and parachute cloth. Cotton and nylon are the most common materials, while others can blend two or three materials.

Cotton is naturally durable and soft, offering a comfy lounging experience. Conversely, cotton can be costly if you have a tight budget. Canvas is thicker and lighter than cotton but may not provide maximum breathability in winter or when transporting the hammock.

Nylon is lightweight and highly breathable but may not offer the high level of comfort provided by cotton. Other hammocks are made of a rope material, making them an excellent option for outdoor areas because of their weather resistance features. Each material has pros and cons, which you should understand before deciding.

3. Check the Accessories

A hammock requires a few accessories to enhance comfort and safety. If you spot a hammock that impresses you, check the accessories before ordering. Most accessories come as a package, meaning the prices may be included in the offers. For others, you may need to buy them separately.

The main types of accessories that you may need include pillows, pads, straps, suspension kits for tree mounting, and tree protectors. A storage bag may also be necessary to pack the hammock well when moving or going to outdoor camps; confirm that your hammock has everything you need for ease of use, and enquire more about what you may need.

4. Consider the Hammock Style and Designs

Besides the material, hammocks come in varying styles and designs based on their origin and manufacturer specifications. If you need a high-quality, luxurious hammock for your yard, consider the Nicaraguan hammock, which is handmade and has a unique ornate appearance.

Mayan hammocks are hand-woven and offer maximum flexibility in swinging your body while sleeping. Brazilian hammocks are another excellent option for your yard, with beautiful stripes that easily match your home décor.

In terms of shape, you will find hammocks of all shapes, including oval and circular. Others have a canopy for sun and rain protection, while others nearly resemble a chair if you don’t want to lie on your back entirely. Compare the different options in the market to only pick what’s good for your health.

5. Understand the Purpose

Why do you need a hammock? Will you install it in your yard or carry it out for camping? You will readily choose the best hammock for your needs when you know the purpose. Hammock chairs are great for your yard if you want to use them when reading a book or just swinging if you have back pain issues.

A portable hammock would be the best for your purpose if you go camping. Similarly, a hammock with stands would be excellent if you need a swing chair around a treeless area.

6. Setup and Mounting Options

Lastly, consider the hanging or mounting options for your hammock. Most hammocks are mounted on trees, ceilings on walls, or stands. The mounting options vary slightly, so you should be conversant with the method to avoid usage conveniences. Nevertheless, you can follow the initial installation manual to hang the hammock easily.


Buying a hammock for the first may be overwhelming, but it’s easy when you know what you want. Before you buy, research the available options in the market to know what fits you best. Understand the specifications of the hammock and only purchase from a reputable seller.

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