Exclusive Egg 2 Value

NameCapybara Egg
Value25,000,000,000 (25 Billion)
Update Released InHardcore Update

About Exclusive Egg 2

Exclusive Egg 2 is also known as Capybara Egg in Pet Simulator X. The egg is tradable and released in the Hardcore Update.

How to obtain Exclusive Egg 2 in Pet Simulator X

User can get Capybara Egg in Pet Simulator X from official store for 400 Robux and Exclusive Egg 2 is the new version of Exclusive Egg 1

Exclusive Egg 2 Value

Currently the value of Exclusive Egg 2 is about 25,000,000,000 (25 Billion) diamonds.

Pets Hatched from Exclusive Egg 2

Here is the list of the pets that can be obtained by hatching Exclusive Egg 2:

  • 50% Chances for Capybara
  • 35% Chances for Super Capybara
  • 13% Chances of Cyborg Capybara
  • 1.5% Chances for Huge Capybara
  • 0.5% Chances for Huge Cyborg Capybara