Exclusive Egg 8 Value

NameNeon Egg
Value14,500,000,000 (14.5 Billion)
Update Released InNeon Update

About Exclusive Egg 8

Exclusive Egg 8 is also known as Neon Egg in Pet Simulator X. The egg is tradable and released in the Neon Update.

How to obtain Exclusive Egg 8 in Pet Simulator X

User can get Neon Egg in Pet Simulator X from official store for 400 Robux and if the player buys Exclusive Egg 8 in quantity of 10, he/she will get a discount of about 20% & the price will be 3200 Robux.

Exclusive Egg 8 Value

Currently the value of Exclusive Egg 8 is about 14,500,000,000 (14.5 Billion) diamonds.

Pets Hatched from Exclusive Egg 8

Here is the list of the pets that can be obtained by hatching Exclusive Egg 8:

  • 50% Chances for Neon Cat
  • 35% Chances for Neon Dog
  • 13% Chances of Neon Griffin
  • 1.25% Chances for Huge Neon Cat
  • 0.7% Chances for Huge Neon Griffin
  • 0.05% Chances of Titanic Neon Agony