Party Pig Cosmic Value

Party Pig Cosmic Value
Normal Value140,000,000 (140 Million)
Golden Value250,000,000 (250 Million)
Rainbow Value400,000,000 (400 Million)
Dark Matter ValueN/A
Shiny ValueN/A

About Party Pig

The Party Pig has a Unique ability called Companion II, which means that it will always be 60% as strong as your best pets. This makes it a valuable pet for players who want to increase their overall strength.

Use your Party Pig to help you farm for diamonds and other valuable items.

How to obtain Party Pig in Pet Simulator X

The chance of getting a Party Pig from an Update Hype Gift is only 15%.

The Party Pig is also a re-skin of the Piggy, which is a common pet. This means that it is possible to get a Party Pig without having to spend any diamonds. However, the chance of getting a Party Pig from a Piggy is very low.

Party Pig Cosmic Value

The value of the Party Pig is higher than other event pets because it is a rarer drop. While its current estimated value stands around 140,000,000 (140 Million) diamonds for Normal Version, While the Golden version values around 250,000,000 (250 Million) and Rainbow variant soars to a value of approximately 400,000,000 (400 Million) diamonds.

This value of Party Pig can fluctuate depending on supply and demand, but it is generally considered to be a very valuable pet.