5 Ways To Use Storage Drawers in Your Car

The feeling of entering a clean and neatly organized car is out of this world. The impression of barely seeing items spread everywhere, from car seats to the trunk, keeps you relaxed and satisfied. But have you ever wondered how one manages to keep their car dirt-free and well-organized? Well, the simple answer is storage drawers.

Storage drawers are the ideal solution to help your car stay organized. Previously, they were mainly used in offices to store documents and in the home to store items like food in the fridge or towels and kitchen essentials under the kitchen sink.

However, several advancements were made. Now, there are storage drawers explicitly designed for cars. Be it an SUV or a standard sedan, you can always find a storage drawer that will fit in your trunk, as they come in various types and dimensions.

But what exactly can you organize with these storage drawers in your cars? You can organize many things with storage drawers, from emergency medical supplies to your kid’s toys. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. So, stay put and read this article to the conclusion to understand other items to organize with storage drawers in your car, including water tanks.

1. Kids’ Toys and Snacks

It can be tiresome and challenging traveling with kids. They are always jumpy and cause distractions at random. But an ideal way to smoothen and make your travels entertaining whenever your kids are on board is to carry their essentials like toys and snacks.

Kids love playing with toys and eating snacks at any moment. Therefore, if you decide to carry their essentials, you will need a whole lot of them and a perfect place to store them. This is where storage drawers come into play.

You can organize your kid’s toys and snacks into various categories using the kid-friendly storage drawers in your car. They occupy a standard space, meaning you can always put them in your boot.

Thus, if you are driving on a long trip and your kids are hindering your concentration, you can always stop, open a drawer, and hand them a toy or snacks to boost their entertainment and divert their attention.  

2. Emergency Medical Supplies

Another way to organize storage drawers in your car is by designating one for emergency medical supplies. You never know when you might get a medical issue like a headache, a cough, or a fever when traveling, and the nearest hospital may be far from where you are.

Thus, organizing a storage drawer in your car with emergency medical items like a first aid kit, painkillers, and antiseptic can be crucial. They can offer a short-term solution to these unexpected situations as you wait for help or head to the nearest help point.

Furthermore, if you have allergies, consider including your prescribed medication from the doctor in the same storage drawers as your other emergency medical supplies. This will guarantee you easy access in time of need.  

3. Storing Maintenance Tools

Storing maintenance tools is another fantastic way to organize with storage drawers in your car. Like life, the fun part of our road journeys is unpredictable. However, this unpredictability can sometimes be harmful as you barely know when you will experience a car issue like a tire puncture that will keep you stranded.

But you can always stay ahead of time by organizing some of your maintenance tools, like screwdrivers and tire pressure gauges, in a storage drawer in your car. These tools are vital for any car owner, you included. Therefore, having them at your disposal whenever you move will guarantee you are well-equipped to tackle any possible minor car issue.

Furthermore, depending on your style, you can arrange the maintenance tools into various categories in your storage drawer. But, the most essential thing you must remember is to always opt for a metal-type storage drawer for your car tools as they are guaranteed to last longer than plastic ones. 

4. Entertainment Console

Traveling in your car with close friends is a fun activity you barely want to miss. But sometimes, it can be exhausting. And when some people, in this case, your friend passengers, are exhausted, they may prefer to listen to soothing music to relax and pass the time.

Thus, organizing a storage drawer in your car as an entertainment console that stores items like headphones, tablets, and chargers would be a good choice. These entertainment items will help ensure that whoever travels with you in your car enjoys the journey and counts it as memorable.

Also, if you have kids on board, you can keep them busy with animation videos on the tablet, thus ensuring they are distraction-free. 

5. Seasonal storage

If you are a travel enthusiast who travels frequently and in different seasons, you can organize the storage drawers in your car as seasonal storage. This will help ensure you are prepared to face any weather condition that comes your way. To do so, you must create various sections in the storage drawers for items that vary with the weather.

For instance, if it is winter, you should pack items like winter boots, gloves, and thermal wear into a particular storage drawer compartment. These items will significantly help you, especially if the cold is unbearable.

In summer, you should allocate a separate section to carry items like swimsuits, sunglasses, and sunscreen, among other things. They will help you deal with the persistently hot temperature that summer has to offer.


Storage drawers are the ideal storage tool that you can use to keep your car space neatly organized. They can also help you save time whenever you want to locate an item and make you fully prepared if an emergency occurs on the road.

Organizing with them is simple; you can opt for ways like kids’ toys and snacks, maintenance tools, entertainment consoles, emergency supplies, and seasonal storage. Remember, a neatly organized car is always attractive, relaxing, and safe for you and your kids.

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