Even a Rescue Dog Can Be a Good Pet If You Understand Their Situation!

Whether you rescued a dog or got one from the shelter, you’ve done a credible job of thinking differently. Most pet owners buy dogs from commercialized stores. Very few consider providing a haven to an orphaned or a rescued canine. Although the adoption trend has improved slightly, there is still a lot of scope for implementing pleasant changes. However, one should know why people hesitate to bring rescued furry friends home. And how their opinion about adopting shelter dogs can be influenced positively. Here are some insights around these.

Myths about shelter dogs

Rescue dogs can be great family members, too, but certain prejudice around their behavior impedes the adoption decision. It starts with training an old dog. There is a myth that it can be challenging to teach them new habits. Of course, pups are fast learners. However, adult dogs can also gain new behaviors and skills. It may need time and reinforcement. However, it’s achievable with patience. Another strong opinion that needs to be rebuffed or dealt with properly is these dogs are difficult to manage. Each one has a different personality and environment that contributes to their behavior. Some rescued animals can develop fear, anxiety, and shyness in certain situations. But this doesn’t mean they are difficult. Their behavior is just a reflection of past abusive experiences or trauma.

Interestingly, some rescue puppies quickly adapt to their new homes. Hence, it’s better not to judge them based on general beliefs. It will prevent you from choosing a pet that could complete your family wonderfully. Do you have kids or other animals at home? While adopting one into a family with kids or pets needs some pondering, there is no harm in getting a shelter dog home. Before adding them to the family, you can make them meet other house members and spend time with them. If you notice they gel well, your decision will be easy.

A rescue dog in a new environment

The transitioning period can be challenging even for humans. These innocent animals can’t vocalize their anxiety or fears explicitly. Their behavior can be the only sign. In a new home, they can feel stressed because of unknown surroundings. Give them time to adjust. Some can feel at home in three months, while others may need longer. They can lunge, growl, and bark initially. If you infuse confidence in them by building a bond, these behaviors will improve. The dog will begin to trust you. You can also hire a trainer to teach obedience and commands. Trainers know how to handle them in different situations and prepare them for your lifestyle.

Whether you or your friend wanted to adopt a rescue pup but held your decision for fear it could be wrong, you now know what to do. These dogs deserve a new beginning and a safe home. With love and protection, you can soon make them an integral part of the family. So, please don’t judge them just because they were shouting or restless in a building full of other animals and strangers. That environment can be the main culprit for them.

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