Best Inflatable Paddle Boards in 2024: Top 6 Picks

The world of paddle boarding is exploding with enthusiasm as the sport’s appeal keeps growing. A flood of improvements and inventions that introduce us to more convenient and enhanced experiences follow this increase in interest. Despite these new entries, some paddle boards have maintained their peak quality over the years. Are you looking to purchase a new inflatable SUP board? Check out our newly updated 2024 list of the best inflatable standing paddle boards. This list is refreshed with the latest models, ensuring you find the perfect board for your adventures.

6 Best Inflatable Paddle Boards

The best inflatable standing paddle boards for 2024 are listed below, taking into account each board’s performance on the water and construction quality.

Blackfin Model XL

Making a return to our 2024 list of best standup paddle boards is the ever-popular Blackfin Model XL from iRocker. This beast of a board boasts an impressive weight capacity of 485 lbs and offers exceptional stability. Despite its size, the XL performs surprisingly well, measuring 11’6” in length and 34” in width. It’s a top pick for beginners and intermediate/advanced paddlers alike who need a larger, reliable board.

Ideal for larger paddlers who appreciate extra rigidity and stability, the Blackfin XL also shines for average paddlers looking to gear up for camping trips or paddle with kids.

We’re big fans of how iRocker has treated its customers over the past decade. Even after a recall last year, they took the financial hit and replaced everyone’s boards, even though the coast guard didn’t mandate it. Not all brands did that! The 2024 lineup features improved construction, making the new Blackfin better than ever.


  • Super stable and versatile
  • Enhanced rigidity and quality
  • Surprisingly fast for a large, 34” wide iSUP
  • Awesome new designs
  • Customizable SUP packages (no need to buy another manual pump if you already have one)

Ready to dive into the world of inflatable paddle boarding? The Blackfin Model XL might just be your perfect match!

ISLE Pioneer 2.0

At a reasonable price, the ISLE Pioneer 2.0 is an excellent all-around SUP that strikes a mix between stability and lightweight construction. This board emphasizes stability with its large width from nose to tail, measuring 10’6″ x 34″. For people who require a stable and dependable board when out on the water, this is ideal.

Unlike the Blackfin Model XL, the Pioneer 2.0 boasts an open deck pad with a classic beach vibe. Its upgraded internal construction, featuring x-woven drop stitch, offers improved rigidity compared to previous models.

Overall, the Pioneer 2.0 is an excellent choice for paddlers seeking a wide, stable, and clean paddleboard that’s easy to maneuver and surprisingly fast. Plus, it’s perfect not just for paddling but also for yoga!


  • Lightweight yet incredibly stable – ideal for beginners
  • Clean, uncluttered deck pad, perfect for yoga
  • Durable x-woven drop stitch construction, offering a smooth feel and glide on the water
  • More maneuverable and quicker than expected

This inflatable standing paddle board is a great option whether you’re new to paddle boarding or want a versatile board for a range of uses!

iROCKER All Around 11’ Ultra 2.0

We were blown away by iROCKER’s Ultra series. Our staff has rapidly come to love the Ultra series because of its small designs, remarkable stiffness, and outstanding performance. The 11′ All Around surpasses all that the iROCKER original 11′ All Around had to offer, being a stable, light, and quick all-around board.

The biggest selling point of the Ultra series? They are the most compact SUPs on the market, with a patent pending on the design. But they’re not just compact – they’re also incredibly stiff, lightweight, and sporty.

Beyond the impressive performance and build quality, we love the included accessories. The Ultras come with a comfortable, compact, and lightweight SUP backpack, a 5-piece carbon hybrid paddle, a coiled leash, newly designed twin fins, and iROCKER’s 12V Electric Pump. This high-quality accessory list adds immense value to the SUP and its kit, making it unbeatable in the compact SUP market right now.


  • The most comfortable and portable compact SUP available
  • Lightweight yet impressively stiff construction
  • Maintains the stability of the original All Around while gaining speed and performance
  • Excellent features without compromising on compactness
  • Included accessories make it an incredible value

Looking for a compact, high-performance SUP? The iROCKER All Around 11’ Ultra 2.0 is a standout choice!

Thurso Surf WaterWalker 132

The Thurso Surf WaterWalker 132 is a standout in the paddleboarding world, offering exceptional design and performance on the water. Also available in 10’ and 10’6” versions for smaller solo paddlers, the WaterWalker series caters to a range of needs.

Noteworthy for its stability without being cumbersome, this standup paddle board glides smoothly and feels faster than expected. The accessory package is equally impressive. The upgraded bag comes with two wheels and an extra zipper pouch for fins and other accessories. The velcro paddle holder on the side of the board keeps the paddle secure and out of the way, ideal for SUP Yoga. Thurso’s paddle storage design is among the best, with additional D-rings and bungee cords on the front and back for storing gear or setting up the optional kayak seat.

Constructed with dual-layer PVC and reinforced with an extra layer of PVC + carbon fiber on the rails, the WaterWalker is both durable and has a high weight capacity. The stylish wood grain print with new color options adds an appealing touch.


  • Stable yet smooth and fast glide
  • Upgraded bag with wheels and extra pouch
  • Excellent paddle holder design, ideal for SUP Yoga
  • Extra D-rings and bungee cords for storage
  • Durable dual-layer PVC with reinforced rails
  • Stylish wood grain print with new color options

Gili Meno 11’6 Inflatable SUP

We’ve been really impressed with the Gili Meno series this year! Gili has kept the core features of the Meno series intact—dual-layer PVC and carbon fiber rails—but has upgraded many of the features and accessories. This has resulted in a fine-tuned board that’s perfect for anyone wanting a large yet lightweight inflatable SUP. Weighing just 24 lbs, it’s one of the lightest 11’6” x 35” iSUPs available, and its lightweight nature doesn’t sacrifice performance. Despite its size, the 11’6” Meno tracks well and is reasonably fast, making it a ton of fun on the water.

The only minor gripe is the small D-rings, which make removing the bungees a bit challenging. But with a quality backpack, a standard fin set that includes five fins, and the option to upgrade to a full carbon fiber paddle, the Gili Meno series offers fantastic value.


  • Extremely lightweight for its size and performs well on the water
  • High weight capacity, ideal for larger paddlers and gear
  • Packed with great features and accessories
  • Lightweight carbon fiber shaft paddle, perfect for all-day use
  • Snap lock fins that enhance performance and are quick to install
  • Large dual bungee/cargo areas for extra storage

Hydrus Joyride XL

New to the list for 2024 is the Hydrus Joyride XL, hailing from Boise, Idaho. This standup paddle board stands out for its exceptional performance and unique dark-themed design, appealing to paddlers seeking something distinctive.

The Joyride XL excels in stability and durability, thanks to its X-woven drop stitch and kevlar reinforced fibers. It’s ideal for larger, more experienced paddlers and handles various water conditions effortlessly. The high-quality deck pad with a tail kick pad enhances comfort and control, making it perfect for long adventures and carrying substantial gear.


  • High-quality construction with attention to detail
  • Excellent stability and high weight capacity
  • Unique design with reduced heat retention and increased durability
  • Versatile US fin box for high performance


Have you chosen your best inflatable paddle board yet? With so many great options available, finding the perfect board is easier than ever. Remember to consider your needs, budget, and preferences. Happy paddling, and enjoy every adventure on your ideal SUP!

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