Learning Landscapes: A Journey Through Progressive Education Models

Learning Landscapes: A Journey Through Progressive Education Models

Learning should not be restricted to books. You cannot achieve success just by memorising the lessons taught in class. It is crucial to learn the ways to implement what you learn. Progressive education, the concept that took form in Europe and the US during the late 19th century, has played a crucial role in making learning through implementation a reality.

If you look at the ways the popular online assignment help websites like MyAssignmentHelp work, you will understand how they have put their learnings to test. A research conducted by Harvard Graduate School of Education urged college admission offices to look beyond scores and grades while granting admission to students.

Progressive education examples are all around us. The process you go through when you decide to pay someone to do your assignment in Australia is something you have learnt by practice. No one taught you how to use the internet and how things should be done. You heard about it from your friend and put it to practice.

On that note, let’s explore progressive education, starting from its meaning, significance and various models.

An Insight into Progressive Education

The main objective of progressive education is to make students learn through practice. John Dewey, the founder of progressive education, said. “Education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living.” Progressive education is not restricted to any academic level. From unstructured play time to project-based assignments, progressive education is everywhere.

If you look beyond classroom lectures and assignments, you will find yourself learning a lot of things through implementation. For example, the ways to create an email account used to be difficult for many. As time passed, all of us learned and implemented what we saw. Now, even a kid can create an email account. This proves how progressive education is helping us all and is an effective way of learning.

Schools, colleges and universities have implemented progressive education and have adopted different ways to train students for the future. The following section will help you learn about progressive education philosophy with a close look at the various models.

Progressive Education Models

If you understand the main objective of progressive education, you will not face problems in relating to the various models. As education is all about preparing students for the future, this system takes into account all the things that will help you face various challenges in the future. Here’s a look at the various models:

A.    Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are two of the most important aspects that everyone needs to pay attention to. You will come across various challenges in your academic career and have to find appropriate methods to solve them. Progressive education aims to help students find the right ways to work on their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This model gives you the opportunity to exercise your brains and find solutions to the most difficult problems.

The system makes students face challenges and work on the problems for a better tomorrow. This is something you will not learn by memorising lessons. Further, you will also have to convey your messages loud and clear while working on any type of academic task. Progressive education techniques help you think on any topic critically and find a way to put forward your message strongly.

B.     Collaboration

Working in a team is something you have to adapt to for a better future. Progressive education takes all of these into account and ensures students have enough exposure to teamwork. The system makes students work in teams to achieve a specific goal. There are instances where students have failed to achieve their goals when in a team and expressed interest in working alone. But as you climb the ladder, you will be asked to work in a team. Hence, you need to be prepared for the future.

When you are working on a particular goal, there are chances that you need help from someone with a different skill set. It is crucial to find a way to find the right person and work hand-in-hand to avoid any delays. Progressive education prepares you for the future. This system has always played a major role in enhancing some of the crucial skills students need to be successful. With educational institutions assigning group projects, students get the chance to work with people with different skills and mindsets.

C.    Active Learning

Why do students find classroom sessions boring? Some would say the subject is boring; others might also complain about the teacher’s methods. The problem lies in your involvement in the process. Progressive education emphasises on active learning where students get the chance to participate in the learning process. The more students participate in class, the more they will learn about the various subjects.

A class discussion is one of the best ways to increase student participation and enhance their learning. Also, a debate can be a great way to involve students. You will be eager to put your point forward and even refute the points shared by your classmates. The entire activity is fun and helps you learn a subject better. Sitting with a book and memorising the lessons will not be of any help going forward. You need to understand how the subject will help you in the future and work on them accordingly. Active learning is one of the most effective ways to learn all your lessons properly.

D.    Flexible Curriculum

Education should never be forced. Traditional education forced students to attend school on time, attend every class, and do homework without any exceptions. Needless to say, students found it hard to cope with the system and kept things on hold, thus facing more troubles going forward. Progressive education has always aimed to make things easy for students and make education a comfortable process.

The system does not ask students to know all the subjects. Instead, the focus is on the subject of interest. If a student likes a particular subject, they must be allowed to work on the same. Learning about a subject you love would automatically make you eager to know more. Progressive education gives you the chance to do so, and it is the best way to make students aware about the various things.

E.     Understanding Concepts

There are instances where students fail to solve simple math problems because they are not aware of the basics. Progressive learning aims to help students understand the basic concepts and not memorise things blindly. You cannot solve a math problem by memorising a formula. You need to dig deep and find the right ways to implement the formula.

Both teachers and students must take initiatives to ensure the process is done properly. You cannot rely on teachers to take the necessary steps. It is equally crucial to be open minded, accept the ways your teachers suggest to solve a problem, and work on the same accordingly. Progressive education aims to help students learn the basics before going forward. You will be able to solve any problem if you are well-versed in the basics. Further, it will also keep you ahead in the race and help you bag the right opportunities in the future.

F.     Experiential Learning

Learning through experience is one of the best ways to learn. Progressive learning emphasises the need to learn through experience. Students can learn things better when they use their understanding to solve problems. Teachers force students to go through the various notes and textbook lessons before sitting for their exams. But if you are well-versed in the ways to apply your learning, it will automatically be easy for you to find the right solutions.

Learning by doing is one of the basic concepts of progressive education. The concept has proved to be the most effective among all and has helped many sail through difficult problems. Experiential learning will help you overcome the odds and face challenges without being afraid. Even when you step into the professional world, your experience gets more valued over formal learning. Understand and work on yourself for a better future.

G.    Exploring Different Sources

Learning should not be confined to books. You need to step out and explore different sources for a better learning experience. Progressive education theorists were always a step ahead of their counterparts and have always emphasised the need to learn from different sources. Presently, the Internet offers a lot of learning opportunities. Even if you step out, you will find various opportunities that can help you learn a particular lesson or know more about a subject.

It is crucial to keep an open mind and find a way to learn from different sources. The process will make things interesting, and you will be able to learn without getting bored. All you have to do is come out of all the academic stress and explore every lesson from a different perspective. You need to understand how these things add value and work on them accordingly.


Education has never been about what a teacher says and what’s written in a textbook. The entire thing has been about how well you understand the different concepts and implement them in real life. Progressive education has proved to be the most effective way of learning. Both students and teachers have benefitted from it. The concept addresses all the challenges students might face and helps them understand the correct ways to overcome the odds. Understand how this system is helping students for ages and take steps to ensure you have the right knowledge to bag the right opportunities in the future.  

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