Paperless business card: Future of digital networking

Paperless business card: Future of digital networking

It is the 21st century, and businesses are considering how their businesses affect the environment. A company cannot blindly follow practices that keep increasing its carbon footprint. One essential step towards this is switching to paperless digital business cards. They are eco-friendly and have multiple benefits that this blog will discuss. 

Why should you consider paperless business cards?

They provide design flexibility.

With paperless business cards, you have a lot of scope for designing. Thus, your team has complete control over how you will present your brand; reflecting everything your brand holds is possible with a paperless business card.

They are easy to use.

Another reason to consider paperless or virtual business cards is that they are easy and simple to use. Your team members or recipients must not learn other technical skills to use these cards. You can simply mail them, text them, or scan them using a QR code if you place one.

There are multiple sharing options.

As mentioned above, paperless business cards offer multiple sharing options. Thus, they increase your opportunity to network, too. You can connect with industry leaders or peers on any platform. You can also share them using an Apple or Google Wallet, making them extra special.

They are cost-effective.

In the end, you are running a business. Therefore, you need to find a cost-effective solution for your business. Fortunately, paperless business cards offer a cost-effective solution as they are cheaper than paper business cards. Also, updating them doesn’t require you to entirely reprint them. You can edit them, and you are good to go. 

You can integrate them with CRM.

Paperless cards have another massive advantage: easy integration with CRM software. It allows for a seamless organization of details with easy follow-up with the respective clients. It increases the value of your relationship with the client.

They can better promote their brand identity while scaling their business.

You can customize them.

Paperless business cards have many names: electronic business cards, virtual business cards, and more. Customizing them is easier when you go with them. You cannot accomplish endless design possibilities with a traditional business card. You can also include more details in them, like a clickable URL for your portfolio. 

It gives them a dynamic design, which makes them appealing and automatically makes your business stand out. Lastly, their dynamic personality means you can update or edit the information in them anytime. So, businesses do not have to wait for some time to start sharing their cards with clients or customers. They can make the updates in real time and ensure the contacts never have the wrong details.

Paperless business cards make their organization better.

No matter how appealing your paper business cards are, they often end up in the trash or a pile in a cluttered bin or basket. So, when you need information immediately from anyone, you must dig through those piles, and sometimes you lose out on working with good people. However, with an electronic business card, organization is automatic and efficient. You can easily search for contacts on your device and mobile phone. Sorting and organizing the details are easier. Thus, it reduces clutter while saving valuable time when looking for a particular contact.

Things to add to your paperless business cards

You should undoubtedly add a few things to your digital business cards.


Your name and the company you run should be the first things you add to your business card. This is the same for all business cards, whether virtual or traditional.


You should add URLs to your business card. A paperless business card can add clickable URLs to your website, social media, and portfolio.

Contact details

Your recent number, address details, and email address (ensure it is professional) should be part of your business card.


What designation you have in the company needs to be on the business card.

Logo and tagline

People remember your business by its logo and tagline, so you must include them on your business card. 


Paperless business cards are the new trend in business cards and are here to stay. They are good for your company’s carbon footprint and help reduce marketing costs. If you are not already using paperless business cards, it is time you do because your competitors are using them. If you want to stay ahead and stand out, stay with current trends. 

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