Possible Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

If you own a pet and you haven’t heard of CBD oil, then we would assume you have been living under a rock. It happens so because this product is so popular that it is hard not to hear someone talking about it. Apart from being used for humans, manufacturers have specially formulated the ones that can be used for pets. 

The buzz about the benefits of this incredible product, as seen here, has taken the entire pet world by storm, and even vets are beginning to back the anecdotal evidence of CBD oil, which was not so in the past.

Hence, we have written this article to discuss the various uses of cannabidiol oil for your pet and how this product can improve their general well-being.

What is CBD?

When we talk about CBD, we are referring to cannabidiol, which is one of the many compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis has two major known types, which are hemp and marijuana. 

The plant source used to produce CBD oil for pets is a hemp plant. The reason is that hemp contains very little or no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is a psychoactive agent found in the cannabis plant; however, its percentage in hemp is always less than 0.3. Therefore, the oil extracted will not make your pet feel high when administering the product.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Your Pet

When getting pet supplies, you will want to get CBD oil for the following benefits it might offer for your pet:

  1. Cope with Seizures

It is weird and interesting that pets encounter similar health challenges that plague humans, and one of the most common is seizure. It has been estimated that more than 5% of the dog population encounters this health issue. 

The common treatment that has been used for this problem over the years has been phenobarbital and potassium bromide. Sadly, these treatments are not without their side effects and can only control the seizure, not cure it. One of the side effects is the potential internal organ damage (the liver, more often than not) of your pet.

A study revealed that the usage of full-spectrum oil on epileptic and seizure-prone pets saw a decline in such incidents in just four months. 

  1. Reduce Anxiety

Your furry friends can get anxious for a lot of reasons. Some get anxious when separated from their parent; others get anxious in the presence of strangers or other pets; some are anxious about traveling, etc. 

When given CBD oil, the anxiety levels are reduced a great deal, causing the pet to become calm. Hence, if your pet is facing any anxiety issues or stress disorders, cannabidiol is one way to help reduce such. 

  1. Lessen Bowel Disease 

When used on pets, cannabidiol has been observed by researchers to be able to prevent colitis. Other research shows its ability to restore normal gut motility when a pet suffers from inflammatory bowel disease. Furthermore, because hemp has antibiotic properties, it can prevent Staphylococcus aureus.

  1. Enhance Appetite

If your furry pal isn’t eating normally, administering full-spectrum can enhance its appetite. This is a quick fix; however, to ensure your pet’s eating habit returns to normal, you must find out what caused it. Knowing the reason will prevent future reoccurrence.

  1. Alleviate Chronic Inflammation

With the aid of this product, you can lessen chronic inflammation affecting your pet. This is possible because of the ability of the cannabinoid to inhibit inflammatory cytokines production and discharge. The cytokines cause hypersensitivities, allergies, and autoimmunity. Furthermore, it stops the production of inflammatory macrophages, which, in turn, causes chronic inflammation reduction to be observed. 

  1. Lessen Pain 

Cannabidiol can relieve pain, which is making scientists focus on using it as a new drug for treating chronic pain. 

  1. Defend the Nervous System

For a while, humans with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, as well as Parkinson’s disease took CBD. It is projected to treat spine and nerve diseases and myelopathy. Therefore, this knowledge has been transferred to pets, especially dogs, whereby older dogs with brain issues are treated to enhance brain function.

  1. Help with Nausea 

If your pet is suffering from any form of nausea, including those caused by toxins and drugs, you can help relieve the effects with cannabidiol. 


The above are the uses of CBD oil for dogs and cats. If there is any question bothering you, don’t hesitate to ask.

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