Unveiling the Versatility of Transfer Tapes: PAL Adhesive Products at the Helm


In the realm of adhesive solutions, transfer tapes play a pivotal role, especially in the construction of self-adhesive products like foam tapes. PAL Adhesive Products, a distinguished UK-based manufacturer and global supplier, extends its legacy of excellence to a comprehensive range of transfer tapes. This article explores PAL’s expertise in transfer tapes, shedding light on the diverse offerings and cutting-edge solutions the company provides.

PAL Adhesive Products – Crafting Excellence in Transfer Tapes

PAL Adhesive Products, with a 30-year legacy, stands as a key player in the adhesive industry. The company’s transfer tapes, usually supplied in wide-width log format, are integral components in the lamination process, contributing to the construction of various self-adhesive products, including foam tapes.

Unraveling the Transfer Tape Portfolio

Plain & Scrim Reinforced Transfer Tapes

PAL’s transfer tape lineup includes a variety of options designed to cater to different applications. Notable among them are:

  • RA2013: Transfer Tape with Diagonal Scrim Pattern
    • Hot Melt Adhesive
    • Extra stability for demanding applications
  • RA2037: Standard Transfer Tape
    • Hot Melt Adhesive
    • Widely used in various applications, particularly foam and rubber conversion
  • RA2038: Higher Performance Version of RA2037
    • Hot Melt Adhesive
    • Tailored for more demanding applications
  • RA2042: Transfer Tape with Glass Fibre Scrim Reinforcement
    • Hot Melt Adhesive
    • High adhesive coatweight for added strength
  • RA2045: Premium Performance Transfer Tape
    • Hot Melt Adhesive
    • Extremely high coatweight with Glass Fibre Scrim Reinforcement
  • RA2120: General Purpose Transfer Tape with Square Polyester Scrim Reinforcement
    • Hot Melt Adhesive
    • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • RA2742: High Performance Transfer Adhesive
    • Hot Melt Adhesive
    • Glass Fibre Scrim Reinforcement and a clear filmic release liner for optimal performance

ATG Range Transfer Tapes

PAL’s ATG Transfer Tapes offer a unique construction that ensures no ‘edge pick’ and a clean, uniform break, providing a cleaner and more accurate transfer tape. Specifically designed for the print finishing, picture frame, and blister pack industries, some notable options include:

  • RA2305: Reinforced Permanent Transfer Tape with Printed EuRAtrans Release Liner
    • Hot Melt Adhesive
    • Offers reinforced permanence with a printed release liner
  • RA2304: RA2305 produced on a plain white release liner
    • Hot Melt Adhesive
    • Similar to RA2305 but with a plain white release liner
  • RA2325: Reinforced Acrylic Transfer Tape
    • Modified Acrylic Adhesive
    • Designed for enhanced durability
  • RA2335: Perm/Peel Acrylic Transfer Tape
    • Modified Acrylic Adhesive
    • Balances permanent adhesion with peelability

PAL Adhesives – Your Supplier of Adhesive Products

Our Mission

At the core of PAL Adhesive Products is a mission to provide high-quality products at competitive prices, coupled with first-class customer service. PAL endeavors to be your first choice for adhesive tape requirements, consistently delivering excellence in every aspect of its offerings.

Our Inspiration

Established three decades ago, PAL draws inspiration from its commitment to providing a comprehensive package of expertise and service. The company’s reputation, second to none, is a testament to its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and industry-leading solutions.

Our Passion

PAL’s journey to becoming a market leader is fueled by a strong and dedicated team. With a global reach, the company supplies products across the globe, ensuring that customers always come first. PAL’s passion for innovation and customer-centric service sets it apart in the competitive landscape.


In conclusion, PAL Adhesive Products stands at the forefront of the adhesive industry, offering a diverse range of transfer tapes that cater to various applications. With a commitment to excellence, a rich history, and a passion for customer satisfaction, PAL continues to evolve as a market leader. The comprehensive portfolio of transfer tapes reflects PAL’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions, making it a reliable partner for businesses seeking high-quality adhesive products. As PAL Adhesive Products quietly revolutionizes the market, its transfer tapes remain a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer-centric service.

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